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Protect your Software with the Best PHP License & Encoder Script!

Why PHPMyLicense is the first choice for coders

PHPMyLicense is a licensing and obfuscation system, built so that you don't need to worry about losing your work through piracy or charge backs.

Secure your application with our PHP License script.

With PHPMyLicense you will have the ability to lock down your script by issuing license keys on single domain names. If the license does not exist in the database then the secured code will not be executed.

With the built in encoder PHPMyLicense is the ultimate solution for web masters and software developers.

Why You Need this PHP License Script:

Have Your Own Professional and Easy to Use Licensing System

Automatically Setup License Keys on PayPal Checkout

Provide Secure Application Trials that Expire Automatically

Have Your Scripts Check Your License Sever Every Time or Periodically

Encode Some or All for Your Scripts for Added Security

Suspend or Activate a License Key with Only 1 Click

License Your Scripts Without Any Need for Loaders to Run Them

Lock Each License to a Single Domain

Automatic License Disablement on Refunds and Charge backs

Easy to Use License Dashboard, Beautiful Charts & Full Backups

Application Security

The license module will only run your script if the domain name passes all security checks. which includes Domain, Script Name verification and license key status.

You can also suspend a Domain Name from executing your script with a single click, so that the user who is trying to login/run your script will be prompted with an warning message and will not be able to continue any further until you Re-Activate their Domain.

You can also set your remote script to check the license sever every time it is run, or only every x number of days.

Try the Free Demo right now:


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Stunningly Beautiful & Works Like a Dream!

The look and feel of PHPMyLicense says it all. This is a php licensing manager that has absolutely everything you need to encode, license and protect your software. Licensing your products is so easy a child could use it, but it will be so difficult to hack your products that pirates probably wont even bother trying!

Create New License Keys Manually or Automatically

License a product to any domain whenever you need, or have a license key created automatically on PayPal checkout. You can deactivate any license whenever you want or have it deactivate automatically after a certain amount of time or if a customer cancels a subscription. Great for free trials or deactivating clients automatically whenever they make a charge back!



Stunning Graphs and Useful Reports

See exactly what's happening in your business. Watch validation requests as they come in and see who are using your products the most, and who are trying to use them illegally. You will never be in the dark again about who's doing what with your software.


Encode Your Scripts for Added Security

We want PHPMyLicense to become the definitive php software licensing system. That's why we even went one step further in protecting your software from pirating and theft. You can encode some or even all the files in your script for even greater security and peace of mind. This is a truly robust license and encoding system and your customers wont need any loaders or special server setups for this to work beautifully.

Robust & Reliable

Many developers worry about what would happen if all their scripts suddenly stopped working. This is a very real concern if a license server goes down or your database becomes corrupted. With PHPMyLicense you never need to worry about such awful occurrences, as we've build in a database backup utility and it only takes a second to create a complete backup of your MySQL database.


Total Security and Peace of Mind

PHPMYLicense gives you everything you need to protect your software, from theft, reverse engineering and charge backs. It is your complete all-in-one solution that protects all your hard work and allows you to run your software business on almost complete autopilot.

Buy PHPMyLicense 7.0 NOW, before the price increase:


Now only $497

Today's Special Only $197

Alternatively, try out our free demo:





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